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Since 1927, Mehron has been the leader in Theatrical Makeup, producing quality Character Makeup Kits that provide the essential items needed to become any character, from a Cat to a Vampire for stage, for parties or Halloween. It is the most sought after Halloween Makeup in the world because it is the same Makeup used to create the Characters of stage and screen. This is durable, professional makeup that is safe and non-toxic. Applying the knowledge gained from making performance makeup, Mehron is also the innovator of Extreme Beauty Makeup, a wide array of lush, vibrant, sexy, exciting colors for lips, eyes and face. Mehron has the most extensive collection of Face Paint, Body Paint and Character Makeup in the Industry. Find Professional Makeup Kits and Educational Makeup Tools for students and aspiring performers of all kinds. For more than 80 years, Mehron has been the leading Makeup sought after by the stars of Studio and Stage. Now, it is available to the greatest star in the world, YOU!

China Glaze believes in the power and beauty within every woman and that is why they help put her best, perfectly pedicured foot forward. For over 13 years, China Glaze has exceeded the bar set by the professional nail care industry. Dedicated to providing the highest quality of globally rich, on-trend, innovative colour lacquers and treatments-China Glaze offers the perfect accent to any individual style. From neons, to reds, corals, to shades of blue, their colours' inspiration is found on the shores of Tahiti, the nightlife in New York City, and beauty within every woman. *All China Glaze colours are free of DBP, Toulene and added Formaldehyde.

Ardell offers a wide variety of lash styles to fit a consumer’s mood, personality and lifestyle. They have become must-have, preferred beauty enhancers for millions of women, including makeup artists and Hollywood A-listers. When women everywhere want to feel confident that their eyes have a total look that’s alluring and the ultimate in beauty, they turn to Ardell Eyelashes and enjoy the compliments.

Universally acknowledged as the most superior lash bonding agent available, DUO Eyelash Adhesive brand originated during a time when false eyelashes were more expensive than they are today and lashes weren’t widely distributed. Although used by makeup artists and women who had become eyelash fans, DUO was not a well-known item. Things changed in the 1970’s when movie stars and celebrities embraced faux lashes. When contestants in the Miss USA Beauty Pageant shared their beauty secrets and told about the wonderful effect of lashes, the run was on. Because DUO had been around for many years, it was the adhesive with history, brand recognition and a proven track record. Women opened their eyes to false lashes and the staying power of DUO. As makeup artists say, “It’s not about the lashes; it’s the adhesive.” And the adhesive they use is DUO.

The ultimate form of self-expression, the Violent Lips Collection offers a statement-making line of Lip patterns that range from bold animal prints and fun polka dots, to sexy fishnets and picture-perfect Glitteratti sparkle. This innovative line of Temporary Lip Appliqués will keep the print and color on your lips for up to 8 hours. Vitamin enhanced with a smooth feel and glossy finish, the appliqués are easy to apply to lips of all sizes. Violent Lips is a line of natural and vitamin enhanced temporary lip tattoos that stay put from the stage to the after-party. These FDA approved, vegan lip tattoos, are tested on supermodels, not animals and made in America.

LA based make-up artist Brett Freedman works with some of the world's most beautiful women. He's had deals with Revlon, Neutrogena and Pantene before starting his own line, Vanitymark, in 2007. Every product is created, formulated and developed by Brett. Vanitymark is a true make-up artist's line. Designed by a make-up artist for make-up artists and available to all. Enjoy Pretty!

Model in a Bottle provides high quality makeup-setting tools to help seal and hold makeup in place throughout your busy day. Model in a Bottle product is endorsed by Oprah and Reggie Wells for its quality among makeup setters. Jill Stephens created this product to be used with all types and brands of makeup. Liquid, powder, mineral you name it-with Model in a Bottle you will look just as great in the evening as you did at the start of your busy day. NO MORE TOUCH UPS!

Palladio Beauty Group, (based in Hollywood, Florida, USA) is the manufacturer of Palladio — a cruelty-free, “herbal and vitamin enriched cosmetics” brand. The brand is distributed through professional beauty supply stores and high-end specialty retailers in over 40 countries. Palladio products are enhanced with unique vitamin complexes (containing skin essentials such as green tea, chamomile, ginseng, aloe vera and vitamins A, C, D & E) which have been scientifically proven to repair the skin’s elasticity and combat aging. In addition, this beneficial cosmetic line is composed of the highest-quality ingredients, and yet remains affordable to consumers.

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