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How to apply eyeliner

When eyeliner is correctly applied it can brighten your eyes and make you looks energetic. But when it is not correctly applied, it can make you look like you just got punched.

How to apply eyeliner perfectly is the single most important skill all girls must learn.

  1. Use your finger to hold the end of your eye upward. This creates a flatter surface to apply the liner.
  2. Apply a thin line close to the lashes on the eyelid. (DON'T draw a curve or anything weird.) A straight line is all you need. This line needs to stop right at the end of your eyes. To create a more dramatic look you can draw a little more over the length of your eyes.
  3. you must remember to apply the liner as close to your eye lash as possible. Leaving a gap can make you look like you have double eyes. To do this the type of eye liner you pick is the key. Thin and pointy pencil eye liners are best to help you draw a thin line over your eye lid.

Liquid Eyeliner Yes or No?

  • If you are a beginner, try pencil eyeliners, they are easier to apply.
  • If you do use liquid eye liner, make sure you leave it to dry before you open you eyes all the way.

When to apply eyeliner?

  • Apply eyeliner after you have defined your eyes with eyeshadow and before you apply mascara.
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