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NYX Single Eyeshadow
Price: $5.50  

ITEM # 16150


Can't get enough color. NYX Single Eyeshadow has wide selection of shades for eyes range from neutrals to brilliant colors. Mix and match at your desire the NYX Single Eyeshadow. Create your own eye popping looks with these brilliant colors. Shown: NYX Single Eyeshadow in Cool Blue and NYX Single Eyeshadow in Hot Pink.

Shimmer: Sparkly eye shadow with soft glittery effect.
Matte: Flat color with NO shimmer or frost.
Sheer: Hint of opalescent color.
Glitter: Eye shadow with glitter to create bold sparkles.
Frosty: Shimmery eye shadow without glittery effect.
Metallic: Bold colors with intense shimmer.

Due to current trends and improved formulas and ingredients in products, colors for NYX Single Eyeshadow may be periodically updated. New NYX Single Eyeshadow swatches posted!

Black - Matte

High Light - Matte

Deep Bronze - Metallic

Silk - Metallic

Golden - Metallic

Root Beer - Shimmer

White Pearl - Frosty

Deep Charcoal - Metallic

Lime Green - Metallic

Purple - Frosty

Black Sparkle - Shimmer

Kiwi - Frosty

Antique Gold - Metallic

Deep Purple - Metallic

Ocean - Frosty

Yellow Pearl - Frosty

Jungle Fever - Frosty/Shimmer

Luster - Metallic

Aloha - Frosty/Shimmer

Red Bronze - Frosty

Chic - Frosty/Shimmer

Lime Juice - Shimmer

Golden Sky - Frosty

Atlantic - Matte

Hot Crystal - Glitter/Frosty

Hot Pink - Glitter

Hot Green - Glitter/Frosty

Hot Yellow - Glitter/Frosty

Mermaid Green - Frosty/Shimmer

Hollywood - Glitter

Rock - Shimmer

Golden Dune - Metallic

Vanilla Sky - Frosty/Shimmer

Golden Poppy - Frosty

Gypsy - Shimmer

Irises - Matte/Shimmer

Cork - Metallic

Yellow Marygold - Metallic

Nutmeg - Sheer

Maui - Frosty

Seafoam Green - Frosty/Shimmer

Deep Brown (Deep Purple)

Eucalyptus - Frosty

Ray - Sheer/Metallic

Asphalt - Sheer/Metallic

Daisy - Shimmer/Frosty

Midnight - Metallic/Shimmer

Africa - Matte/Shimmer

Autumn Sky- Frosty

Hunter Green - Metallic

Charcoal Brown - Matte

Lagoon Sparkle - Glitter

Fantasy - Fantasy

Frosted Ocean - Frosted Ocean

Dark Gray - Matte

Navy Blue - Frosty

Summer Green - Matte

Velvet Suede - Frosty

Yellow Funk - Matte

Deep Space - Glitter

Cryptonite - Glitter

Vanilla Shimmer - Shimmer

Light Green - Matte

Blue Marine - Matte

Sensual - Glitter

Deep Purple - Shimmer

True Taupe - Matte

Toffee Shimmer - Sheer/Glitter

Lake Algae - Matte

Mellow Yellow - Matte

Bright Green - Frosty

Snow Candy - Sheer/Shimmer

Smokie Mountain - Shimmer

Sparkle White - Sheer/Glitter

Utopia Gold - Frosty

Earthy Shimmer - Frosty/Glitter

Ballerine Dream - Sheer/Glitter

Super Creamy - Frosty/Shimmer

Kiss in Casablanca - Metallic

Violetta - Glitter

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